About Us

Joseph Souza suffered with Dementia/Alzheimers for many years. Through his rapid decline his only child Diane was told her father needed 24/7 care.

After researching what his insurance offered for homecare benefits, Diane found it covered very little and he would receive more if he were on public assistance. However, Joseph did not qualify for these benefits. The concern for her father's homecare needs and other elders with Dementia/Alzheimers, has committed her to making a difference. Diane did promise her father she will do everything in her power to provide elders like him free homecare.

That promise is now Souza Elder Stay At Home Fund. Grants will be made to various Non-Profits across the U.S. and homecare will be provided from agencys they work with. Thanks to events, partners, sponsors and supporters Souza Elder Stay At Home Fund will become a success.

This has made Diane it's advocate. People live. People love. People grow old. Elders deserve the option to remain in their homes and be surrounded by loved ones... not in a strange place with unfamiliar faces.