Our Story

From the time my father, Joseph Souza 94 of Fall River, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimers, I could have never imagined the journey this memory robbing disease would take us on.

Always a devoted father, husband, grandfather, brother and friend, he lived a life of courage, strength and faith. Devoting his life to his family, he instilled values and fostered the courage in each of us to chase after our dreams. While my mother was a housewife since I was two, my father worked as a laborer in construction. He was proudly the oldest member of his union, Local 610 until April 22, 2012, at 97, when he lost his long struggle with Dementia/ Alzheimer's

As an elderly man my father often faced new struggles. Insurance would not pay for his essential homecare. I often find myself getting emotional... I loved my father and am committed to improving the quality of life, of all those who battle this illness. Battling Dementia / Alzheimers is a challenge everyday. My father taught me to dream for a better future and it is in his memory that I vow to make those dreams come true.